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Pikture Associates Private Limited is a HR Consultancy in Chennai, India. We have been in the recruitment space for the past 5 years, backed by industry experts from the HR.

Strategic Vision

To be the most sought after "Passionate", “Professional” & "Ethical" HR Consultancy in Chennai for every deserving business.

Strategic Mission

To serve every deserving business in the most ethical manner that integrates People, Process and Emerging Technology.
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Year Of Experiences

Help businesses grow by matching the right talent to their specialised staffing and consulting needs, and ensure that we also build rewarding careers for the professionals


Our Business Solution

Our HR Consultancy in Chennai takes pride in servicing customers by helping them meet their recruitment needs.


Staffing & Recruitment

Working with a lot of deserving companies to serve their professional staffing and recruitment needs.


Flexi Staffing

We Understand the needs of your organization and the challenges associated with the flexibility of employment.


Start-Up Hiring

You build your ideas, and we help build your team


Payroll & Compliance

Our Payroll Management System enables you to take your human resource management system to a higher level.


Background Verification

Comprehensive background screening solutions enabled by cutting-edge technology


Executive Search

Our Executive Search service helps you find the perfect fit build a solid and successful team

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Why Choose Us

We believe in "Kaizen Principles"

  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Transparency
  • Excellance

We are only as strong as our principles and what drives us on a daily basis.


HR Consultancy in Chennai have a staff that frequently takes on projects with a similar scope and a database of prospects. They bring expertise in both the recruitment field and the industry sector. As a result, they are able to relate well to the candidate's interests and career path and comprehend the organization's culture. They suggest to an organisation the applicants who fit it best.

The talent trends in your industry area are well-understood by HR experts. They are aware of the whereabouts and behaviours of qualified candidates. They sell the opportunity to potential prospects after understanding the common elements that draw candidates. With a short turnaround, they can identify the top applicants.

They employ HR consultants because of their experience, knowledge, and insight gained by hiring candidates for multiple organisations at once. They treat the patient like specialised doctors. HR consultants are knowledgeable about the market for talent, including talent availability, market trends, and typical candidate behaviours. For any organisation searching for the appropriate talent, this information is priceless.

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